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arrow.jpgSvyturys Ekstra
This 5.2%Alc/vol ‘export’ beer is in the European Dortmunder style and has a bright golden crystal clear colour, married to the classic pilsner style foaming white head.
When tasted you experience the purity of flavour which is down to the selection of only the finest quality natural ingredients of malting barley, water, hops and yeast – with no further additives! This gives a clean tasting beautifully balanced beer that was awarded Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2000, and coveted Gold Medal Award at the World Beer Championship in 2001. 



arrow.jpgSvyturys Ekstra draught
As the name implies this beer really is something special! Although the brewing process is identical to that used to produce EKSTRA the beer is not pasteurised after production, which gives it the flavour characteristics of real draught beer. The result is a lager with exceptionally fresh hop aroma and flavours, with a delicate lasting palate, and truly clean crisp finish – and real ‘draught’ character. Svyturys are also justly proud of the bottle used in the production of EKSTRA DRAUGHT that uses state-of-the-art glass technology to protect the beer against the effects of UV rays, which are detrimental to beer quality.


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arrow.jpgSvyturys Baltas
This naturally ‘unfiltered’ wheat beer bears all the hallmarks of the classic German ‘Weissbier’ with overtones of citrus fruit, cloves, spice and banana flavours all very much to the fore. It’s naturally cloudy appearance is due to the higher percentage of wheat malt in the blend which gives the beer an inviting bitter/sweet fruit character, that is very refreshing on the palate. You can add a hint of lime to give a delicious twist to the flavour! And BALTAS should always be served well chilled.



arrow.jpgSvyturys Baltijos
BALTIJOS has the distinction of being the oldest brand in the Svyturys beer range, and echoes a style of lager being produced over 100 years ago. It has an amber/tawny colour with a smooth rich caramel malt flavour, and gently lingering hop aftertaste. At 6%alc/vol it is exceptionally well balanced for it’s strength, and was awarded Bronze Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2002.


Utenos porter 

arrow.jpgUtenos Porter
Utenos PORTER – the dark beer of rich, subtly sweet delicious taste of toffee and a tiny hint of chocolate has a distinct feature – this beer mature in time. Smooth and rich, deep caramel and malt flavours fill the mouth with hints of liquorice and dried banana. Lightly bitter and warming. Caramel malt produced using a special method gives Porter a pleasant aroma and a deep colour.



arrow.jpgUtenos utena
At 5%Alc/vol UTENOS is the ‘premium’ brand from the Utenos Alus brewery. Based on a traditional recipe, that has been perfected over many years, it uses only the finest quality ingredients. Selected malting barley combined with the best quality aromatic and bittering hops give this beer a particularly delicate and balanced palate.

Švyturys Ekstra wins a Gold Medal at World Beer Cup 2012
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